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  • Välkommen, Welcome, Bienvenue, Willkommen…..

    Hey there!
    Now to the always mandatory crappy “This is my…”
    But, not this time.

    The place you’ve arrived to is a personal dumpsite for ideas, thoughts and sometimes collected knowledge. At times it will be kinda personal too whereas there might be a few totally off side things flowing out of the keys here.
    Initial plan is to do some cybersecurity related stuff and since I also have a keen interest in icehockey there most certainly will show up posts about that too.

    I have no intention in making this a steady growing daily thing, so it will come in bursts.
    Might be there will be some special pages written too since I really should benefit from moving my fat ar*e abit, as you might already been guessing I am not English speaking from the start damn arent that even now 🙂 so you just either close the window/tab or just withstand the crap.

    Vague plans include the following areas of crap:

    • Cybersecurity
    • Thoughts
    • Icehockey
    • Training
    • Rubbish

    Who am I then?
    Well old, short and “slightly” overweight Swedish male, living in the town of Örebro, Sweden
    with my wife and the youngest of 3 children. So up in northern Europe is where I am at.

    Working as cybersecurity guy at a government administration doing stuff mostly on the blue side of things. Backgroundvise I started in the IT business a while back (1997’ish) and am still awestruck when I see people on stage mentioning they have worked within IT for 15 years, guess I am the everlasting n00b. Fields I’ve been active in professionally would be; support, network, scada/ics, architecture, the whole time I have had security as focus.