Då någon tjatat

Hade den bara på engelska, så här är den (Återskapad)
För den som irriterar sig på outdatedheten i denna… skit i det =)
Någon hade ett behov, och glömde hur de skulle..

On semipublic demand (at least 10-12 ppl (rofl)) I will here try to make a “blabbering” on how one gets a Swedish IP
for use with Swedish providers as SVT, Cmore, Viasat and others that from copyrightlaws has to block access from other nations over Internet.
There are a bunch of “anonymizer services out there” but in this kind of problem we cannot use stuff like for instance ToR.
This wont be a step by step guide, but more of a text about how and why 😉

We need to make sure we get out “internet point” in Sweden even though we aren’t physically within the borders of Sweden.
So in this blabbering we will be getting the .se point by using a VPN provider.
A VPN is a tunnel from point to point,so what we are aiming for in this is to have a tunnel from our PC/Tab/Phone/TV/Whatever at home, to a Swedish server where we will be accessing the internet.
In VPN the tunnel is encrypted so that noone can read/see what you are sending (exept perhaps for NSA, Moussad, FRA, XX, XXX, XXX and other Intel orgs, lookup “Snowden”) also a nifty or actually a strange thing in our “vanilla world” the server will probably not log your traffic, which in turn gives this kind of services the group name anonymizers.

Since I am a lazy and cheap assed skunk of a dummy,I will only provide one service in this blabbering,
I haven’t done a market survey on which one is the safest or fastest or even cheapest, I just grabbed one that would be sufficient for our current problem.
If you are after this kind of service and care about the market try checking pages like this: https://www.google.se/#hl=sv&q=anonymizers+online&safe=off

In this I am pointing you towards using the site http://www.strongvpn.com/
Go to the site and register and pay for the service, then you can check their page about setups http://strongvpn.com/setup.shtml
Also remember for watching Swedish TV you need to have a Swedish server point in your VPN setup, which strongvpn has 😉
2 servers are available in .se so …
Good luck!
Q&A? if in luck I´ll answer on twitter under the handle: @Hyp0tez

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